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While many women insist that the glass ceiling is a real barrier to accessing male-dominated positions in business, many challengers say that it exists mostly because women choose to focus more of their time on family and, in the end, cannot dedicate as much time to their career. People with such an opinion cite a 2005 report that 43% of highly qualified, educated women with children left their jobs voluntarily at some stage of their careers.

Although 93% wanted to return to their careers, only 74% did so and only 40% went back to a full time position (Mitra). Of those women who wanted to return to work, only five percent desired to return to the position they had left. Older generations of women had little employment opportunities and more focus on intense training for being a good housewife and a mother was considered most important. At that time there was no choice for them to decide to break the glass ceiling or concentrate on family, family was the only option. (Maia)

The newer generations of women have changed and more and more women are choosing to work but no necessarily wanting to break the glass ceiling. Their life too circles around taking care of their husband and kids, namely building and managing their nest. (Maia)

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Essay: A Global Perspective
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