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The primary health care system inIndiais dysfunctional! It is important that people have access to health centres but the quality of service being provided is of critical importance. The public health care centres where treatment is free, the people perceive it to be of low quality and unhygienic so they prefer private physicians instead. The child, infant and maternal mortality rate is high already so people in theurban areas are more careful and consider the primary health care centres provided by the government as of low quality and providing bad service. The health care providers absenteeism is also on a rise which has causedfurther deterioration of the quality of service at the health centres and of course the government bears the salaries of absent doctors.

Poor health care is not just one factor, but instead influences the development of characteristics that consequently restrain employment and occupational options and, therefore, socioeconomic mobility. Research shows that low status and income occupations are more hazardous and have substandard work environments. All of this suggests there are strong mutual influences between health care, health states, and income.

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Essay: A Healthier India
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