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Skilling was a manager not a leader. He was influential to a great extent but he was not far sighted enough to see the eventual consequences of his actions. Had he been a leader he would have saved Enron especially during the time it was in a mess and he resigned suddenly.

Management is when the manager thinks only to benefit the organization since a leader has a broader vision. It was Skilling’s position that gave him the power to be witty and bold which proves he was a manager only since managers derive their power from position whereas leaders derive their power by influence. He had the wrong type of influence that did inspire people initially but eventually he lost all charisma and was sentenced. Leaders always do the right things and Skilling did not do the right things although he tried to but he failed miserably. His influence could have made him a leader but it was the wrong type of influence which resulted in a failure. Thus, he was a manager and not a leader (Fiedler,1967).

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Essay: A leader or a Manager
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