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AIDS if not seen to can becoe the major cause of death in India. HIV is a slow virus and people with HIV can live a healthy life for long until they are diagnosed with AIDS but people with HIV can infect many others during the process. HIV/AIDS is mostly a sexually transmitted disease and today 4 million people that is 3.8% per 1000 people inIndiaare living with HIV/AIDS. (Kadiyala and Barnett, 2004, pp 35-37).

AIDS is not a curable disease but it can be preveneted via sex education. Awareness programs encouraging safe sex and the use of condoms is an effective prevention of AIDS since HIV/AIDS is majorly a sexually tranmitted disease. Despite this AIDS can also spread if hospitals use a previously used syringe by a HIV infected person on another person. Such cases have erupted and it is the responsibility of the health care centres to ensure hygiene by using a new syringe for every person.

Indiaspends 6%-10% of the GDP on health and the country is coming up with a very effective five-year plan that is focused on improving sanitation and nourishment facilities, reducing child and maternal mortality rates, controlling infectious diseases such as AIDS. Other diseases like TB and Malaria etc. In order to bring these goals into action the primary health system inIndiawill need to be boosted in terms of monetary sources and otherwise since ifIndiaseriously wants to wipe out poverty and improve the primary health care system then investment in the people is necessary (Franke, Richard W; 2002, pp 40-50).

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Essay: AIDS in India
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