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A financial services call centre had a very effective multicultural team that worked on each others setbacks and focused on the quality of work. Majority of the team was fluent in Spanish but some were North Americans and some Latin Americans. The team’s performance was measured by call answered per hour and the team was lagging because one of the Latin American member’s was wasting time chatting with the customers and when she was questioned she admitted that she did not know how to politely end the call so the team explained her how to rectify the problem and monitored the call. In case her call went beyond the limit another member would take over the call politely excusing and then ended the call. Thus, she gradually improved (Bret et al; 2006).

Similarly, an Indian manager in an organization and his Singaporean team mate met with two Japanese members over an IT project. The Japanese members listened and agreed to everything the Indian manager and the Singaporean team mate suggested but their efforts were insufficient which frustrated the manager. Instead of going to senior manager to complain the Indian manager and the Singaporean team mate held an ebusiness road show conveying their idea and their strategy worked because the Japanese members were motivated and wanted to be part of future road shows and as a result the multicultural team worked effectively with no need of informing or complaining the senior management (Bret et al; 2006).

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Essay: An Example of a Multicultural Team
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