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Caffeine addiction has become part of every college culture and students need extra boost of energy to keep up their college life. Four out of five college students consume caffeine daily (The caffeine addiction problem). As caffeine is legal and generally safe, it has become one of the most popular psychoactive drugs in the world.

Nicole, a graduate year college student said: “I need a caffeinated drink. If I don’t drink it, it is hard to keep myself awake and I cannot focus on anything I do. The need is so much that I even eat coffee!” She usually drinks 3-5 caffeinated beverages daily in the form of coffee. She consumes most of the coffee during early morning and evening.

This is not just the story of Nicole. Other college students report similar practices. Hyerim, a senior year college student reports excessive use of caffeine early morning in the form of coffee and red bull. She said “I drink coffee usually to stay awake during exams.”

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Essay: An instant boost of energy can lead to addiction
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