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The critical incident under study is about the traveling experience of a frequent traveler, Terri, with her 11 year old son Gregory, at Auckland International Airport.  She was coming home from United Kingdom, and was traveling for thirty hours. The significant experiences during her service encounter at the airport can be summarized as:

  • At the entrance of the airport, strict warning signs of fruits and flowers prohibition create an apprehensive and horrific impact on travelers, especially new comers.
  • Being a small airport, any unexpected change in the schedule of flights create rush on passport counters, results in long waiting queues of passengers. Though, regular announcements keep the customers cool and informed, but a little more courtesy from staff, job relocations, and hospitability would make a significant change in customer loyalty.
  •  At the luggage inspection counter, the rigid attitude of inspecting officers shocked passengers, especially females. Inspection for banned items is done very strictly in this section, security measures are not a common observation at their European counter parts.
  • Heavy fines in the area of bio security are also a big hindrance. The questionnaire of declaring items is also long and complicated; a slight mistake would result in heavy fine and embarrassment.
  • Screening section is also a test of patience for passengers. Any undeclared or banned item would create an immediate problem, and would result in heavy fine or punishment.

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Essay: Aspects of the Individual Experience
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