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An association between osteoporosis and clinical attachment loss has also been established by many studies. A significant association between mesial probing depth and metacarpal index was noted in a study by Philips and Ashley but other studies have showed no difference in periodontal health in patients with and without osteoporosis (Wactawski-Wende 199).

Most of the prospective studies have found that osteoporosis leads to teeth loss and the proportion of edentulous women is significantly higher in those who have osteoporosis (Wactawski-Wende 201). Similarly, osteoporosis has also been positively correlated with mandibular bone density (Wactawski-Wende 204). Variations have also been seen in the mandibular densities in patients who are partially or completely edentulous (Wactawski-Wende 204).

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Essay: Association between osteoporosis and clinical attachment loss
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