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Groot, M. d. (2001). Association of Depression and Diabetes Complications: A Meta-Analysis. Psychosomatic Medicine , 63, 619-630.

This is a meta-analysis which establishes the link between depression and diabetic complications and severity of disease. In this meta-analysis 27 studies, published between 1975 and 1999, were included. During the analysis of studies, various factors were taken into consideration.

These included the sample size of the studies, type of diabetes, statistical tests done, duration of the disease and various complications which were noted. Only those studies were included which had a good sample size and reliable results and the diagnosis of depression was made using a standard criteria. The statistical tests done on the 27 studies showed a significant relationship between depression and diabetic complications. The common diabetic complications which were noted in the studies were retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy and vascular complications. This study concludes that an association exists between depression and complications of diabetes but it is important to establish a causal relationship between them. Thus, numerous prospective studies are required to establish a strong relationship between depression and specific systemic complications of diabetes.

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Essay: Association of Depression and Diabetes Complications
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