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Traditional practitioners still exist inIndiaand there are the ayurvedic that deal in mental, spiritual plus physical well being and the other is Unani that is medical practice with herbs. There are colleges inIndiathat provide ayurvedic and unani education. In 1990, there were ninety-eight ayurvedic colleges and seventeen unani colleges in the government and non-governement sectors.

Health insurance in India is still a luxury! Most of theIndians today still do not have access to high quality health care due to the extreme expenditure requirements. Only 10% Indians have a health insurance coverage whereas, the rest can not afford to have a medical insurance coverage. The major part of the population that has a health insurance coverage is from the urban part of the country (Patel et al, 2004, pp 820-23).

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Essay: Ayurvedic and Unani Education in India
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