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Inchcape is a leading International automotive retailer with 50 years of experience in the automotive industry. Inchcape UK is an automotive solutions provider with integrated business operations aiming to serve motorists and corporate customers. They mainly deal in retailing and distribution activities to provide cutting edge service to their customers. They deal in vehicle logistics, preparation and storage, fleet management, vehicle retailing, contract hire and leasing.

The group is looking into new prospects to expand their business in potential regions. The company’s scale operations are spread all over inAustralia,Belgium,Greece,Hong Kong,SingaporeandU.K.They have expanded their operations in the emerging markets like Eastern Europe, the Baltics andSouth America. The company’s core business is concentrated in six countries namely;Australia,Belgium,Greece,Hong Kong,SingaporeandU.K.But they aim to expand their operations in emerging markets in order to increase market share and profitability. Their goal is to expand their core business from six countries to ten in the next five years. They seeRussiaandChinaas their most viable options for expansion due to several reasons. The company has taken steps and devised foreign market servicing strategies to enter these markets. The company defines emerging markets as those markets in which they have recently started to operate and the total new vehicle volume sales by International brands is growing by 10% or more annually. The company represents leading automotive brands and operates either retail or a vertically integrated retail model that is exclusive distribution or retail and all depending on the market it is operating within. Their core brand partners include Audi, BMW, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, PAG, Subaru, Toyota/Lexus and Volkswagen. They aim to work hand in hand with all their manufacturing partners to deliver them the best retail services like no other (Inchcape plc, 2010).

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Essay: Background of the company “Inchcape”
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