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In 1995 the US commission said that the barrier of the glass ceiling effect resulting in innumerable qualified women to gauge the opportunity of holding executive jobs or higher level jobs and mostly in the private sector. The commission came up with striking statistics that proved 45.7% of jobs in American went to more than half of Master’s degree holders and such were being awarded as well. But out of these degree holders 95% holding senior manager jobs were men and the female counterparts were earning only about 68% of what their equally capable make counterparts were earning while holding the same degree (Woodward).

An interesting issue brought up was industrialization and its effect that created the glass ceiling effect. Industrialization has brought a change in society according to which women have to juggle two responsibilities that is to meet their expectations at home and also at work. This has affected the physical and psychological health of these women and has also affected family life especially children in a negative way. Due to these pressures women are much more prone to psychopathology. Thus, women have been subjugated to unfair assumptions and discriminations that have contributed to the formation of the Glass ceiling effect (Schumacher).

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Essay: Barrier of the glass ceiling effect
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