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Relationship has also been established between calcium intake and alveolar height loss. Rapid progression of higher alveolar height loss is 30% more common in adults with low daily calcium intake as compare to those with adequate calcium intake (Krall 212). But the same study did not find significant association between vitamin D intake and alveolar bone loss.

Although most of the studies show an association between osteoporosis and alveolar bone loss, literature also exists against this association. A prospective study was conducted by Famili on 398 postmenopausal women and periodontal probing and attachment loss were assessed six years after initial assessment (Famili 13). Although education level and calcium intake was higher in dentate women as compared to edentulous women, association was not found between BMD and edentulousness. Similarly, periodontal disease did not affect BMD in those patients.

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Essay: Calcium intake and alveolar height loss
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