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The global trade patterns are also changing with globalization on the run. Currencies of the world are all moving at their own distinct rates and the dollar was doing well until the current recession in Americahas affected the currency and their economy. The world’s currencies are interrelated and they often move at different paces but the exchange rate plays an important role in trade.

The world is importing stuff from any part of the world that specializes in producing it and exports are common since industrial customers use them to produce and the final consumers often get the exported items as well. The rate of mergers and acquisitions is high and all the huge organizations are involved since the BHB Billition acquired Rio Tinto and CME group is considering merging with Nymex holdings. Global trade is on a rise and globalization is in its bloom and trade is playing an essential role in supporting it.

Globalization and communication depend on globalization and information since they shape up theories of globalization in communications (Webster, 1995).

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Essay: Changing Global Trade Patterns
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