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The way by which a service is delivered is termed as a service delivery channel. Accessible channels contain mail, personal, telephone, internet and other phases of consumer interactions. AIA can be stressed on performance evaluation personal (face to face) and telephonic way of service delivery as they are the substantial medium at airports.

 The incident of sniffing dog and its caretaker attitude in the luggage inspection section, and the behavior of the inspection officer at the X-ray screening department need to be modified. Proper training on interpersonal skills, management of diversity among consumers, and the knowledge of procedures should be the strategies employed in near future.

The strategies in this context can be:

  • Offer reliable and uncomplicated services planned from a consumer viewpoint.
  • Develop admittance to information resources and the available services to every traveler.
  • Enhance processes of information distribution and entertain plain service requirements.
  •  Utilize a delivery channels combination to suit individual travelers’ needs.

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Essay: Channels for Service Delivery
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