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Primary Health Care often known as PHC is the mostessential health care that is based on technologically, scientifically sound methods and socially accepted ones made universally available to each and everyindividual as a right. Comprehensive primary health care (CPHC) is the medical supervision that an individual gets immediately after coming to a hospital or any other medical setting regardless of their financial status or income.

Major components of CPHC include making medical help available to support prevention, remedy and care of sufferers of a disease, together with the improvement of community and justified advocacy. Having a poor quality patient-centred care from a clinic or hospital indicates that authorities are less concerned about citizens. Comprehensive Primary Health Care is a largely based approach which unequivocally links the occurrence of contagious ailments with poverty that is responsible to make primitive, protective, remedial and rehabilitative services available to every citizen of a country.

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Essay: Comprehensive Primary Health Care
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