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The cons of multicultural teams have been discussed as follows (Adler, 2002):

  1. Multicultural teams lack cohesiveness generally because of differences. A lack of common perspective amongst the team members leads to lack of cohesiveness in such teams. This might waste time and also lead to conflicts.
  1. Miscommunication is a major con of multicultural teams and this is clear from the example discussed further on in the paper of an American Manager leading Japanese team members for a US and Japanese combined customer data system.  Mistrust is also a problem because people from different backgrounds find it hard to trust each other since they interact less due to their differences. Stereotyping leads to miscommunication and mistrust within such teams since a popular saying “Birds of a feather flock together” says it all. The language barrier is also a problem and an example discussed further in the paper of a Latin American member of a multicultural consulting team proves the barrier exists. Often groups within the team are formed that further cause problems leading to miscommunication and mistrust amongst members of the team.
  2. Multicultural teams require efforts from the members to communicate smoothly which gets tougher with people from different backgrounds thus it leads to increased amounts of stress amongst the members of the team.
  3. Multicultural teams lack cohesiveness and that creates certain issues. The members can not reach an agreement where it is necessary to reach an agreement. There is no consensus amongst the members and there is also an inability to validate ideas and people for accomplishing tasks.
  4. Multicultural teams due to the problems discussed can become ineffective, inefficient and less productive as a result.

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Essay: Cons of Multicultural Teams
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