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These are some of the reasons for planning and they show the importance of planning. Since managers in this case study need to plan effectively in order to create a trickle down effect in the organization. The first type of control will feed forward control which will be prior to the starting of the process to ensure the streamlining of all inputs and that everything is in place.

This will be prior to the process where the entire manufacturing process is reviewed and checked for any discrepancies and then the process begins. This is important to make sure the bread is made according to set standards from the start. Establishment of standards in order to measure actual performance is the first step of the control process that sets a benchmark to check for any deviations. Standards are rules to measure performance and they are supposed to be followed religiously. Standards can be physical in nature in terms of quantity of any product or time etc and they can be monetary as well in terms of the profits, turnover, volumes etc. These standards provide a base for analyzing actual performance against the set standards of performance (Koontz & Bradspies, 1982). The second type is concurrent control which is control and checkpoints during the activity. The manufacturing process will have sensors and monitors at every important checkpoint. For e.g. the dough will be kneaded first and then it will go further for shaping and this transition is an important checkpoint where a worker will check the dough is kneaded well without leaving any granules that might cause problems in shaping and baking. The second step will be shaping and here a worker will check but there will sensors to sense any part of the dough not kneaded well which can be taken out by the worker and kneaded again.

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Essay: Controls for Bread Manufacturing
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