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Max Weber a well known sociologist concentrated his study of modern society by replacing traditional way of thinking by production oriented approach of creating an efficient and formalized social structure.  He recognized the social classes in context with their relation with the market, Individuals having status according to their honesty and personal characteristics and not by wealth.

He tried to stress the need of opportunities that individuals could utilize to improve their standards of life.   He presented the most important American Dream Values that includes hard work, Universalism, Individualism, Wealth, Activism, and Rationality. The concept of ‘Life chances’ corresponds to the opportunities an individual could acquire depending on his social state to improve his quality of life. For maximization of these opportunities Weber considers Bureaucracy to be a rational way of performing tasks efficiently as it assigns each participant a structured way of dealing with his duties. Specialization make workers be more skilful and efficient, which result in increased production rate in 20th century. There were established authorities that made workers responsible for their work.  Work was divided according to skill and performance and defined rules to follow guidelines. Such organization of a system provides benefits of having hierarchy of authority, division of labor, rules and regulations, technical competence, impersonality, centralized decision making with formal and written communications. All these efforts are targeted to make working environment more structured and efficient result of adopting such practices showed creative autonomy, competitive work teams, a flatter organization and greater flexibility. The concept of McDonaldization of Society expands the central element of Max Weber’s work and focus greatly over producing a critical analysis on how social interaction impacts human interaction and identity. Four principles of McDonaldization includes Efficiency, calculability, uniformity and predictability, control through automation, rationality, although efficient, may be irrational and highly dehumanizing. This model is considered to stay quite longer as global adaptation has proved its credibility and efficiency but new trends of intelligent organization are proving even better. Post industrial economy has created many highly skilled jobs giving workers more autonomy and ease to work. New patterns don’t courage authoritative approach rather encourage freedom for work selection and more flexible working life style as it helps healthy environment and even more productivity.  Such a work place seems cheerful, enjoyable and productive.

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Essay: Creating an Efficient and Formalized Social Structure
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