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Our questionnaire is based on four factors. The first factor is discrimination which is described through Table 1. In Table 1 (See Appendix) we see that one of the major factors affecting the mother’s choice and glass ceiling is discrimination we see that the sample size is 100 (N) for all. The first type of discrimination question is few women employed in top jobs and it was seen that most women felt that there few women are employed in top level jobs.

The second question of discrimination is that women are generally accepted in low or clerical jobs. The third question of discrimination is that women make better secretaries most of the women working say that this is a false belief and they disagree. The third question of discrimination is women turned down for managerial positions are equally or more educated women, and women on an average believe this is so and agree that equally and more qualified women are treated unequally compared to men. A very recent example of this kind of discrimination is Hilary Clinton who was running for President but the lobby did not want a woman to be Commander in Chief although she is equally capable. The fourth question of discrimination is that women do not receive same salaries for same jobs when compared to men. Most of the women respondents agree to this fact. The fifth question of discrimination is that women are not easily promoted from lower to middle management. Here we see that the women mostly agree to this fact but mostly the lower designated women, whereas the women already at middle and top management positions may seem to disagree.

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Essay: Data Collection and Analysis
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