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In the 1215 AD, the famous Magna Carta charter was signed which opened up more democratic system in England. Nobles forced King John to sign this charter that created the English “Parliament” or the law making body and for the first time it was recognized that the written laws held a higher power than the king. This took away the absolute power of the king and gave some to the people. Later came Petition of Right (1628) stipulating that the King can no longer tax without the parliament’s permission and the Bill of Rights (1689) which provided freedom of speech and banned cruel punishment.

These laws furthered strengthened the power of the people and the parliament to express themselves.  Though these reforms did not makeEnglanda true democracy but they laid down the ideals which would later form the basis of American democracy (DeLorenzo, 2003). The concept of democracy continued to be prevalent inEuropewith philosophies of English philosopher by the name of John Locke and a French philosopher named Jean Jacques Rousseau. Their thought together paved the way for modern day democracy inAmerica. The great document written by Thomas Jefferson borrowed ideas heavily from both the philosophies of Locke and Rousseau.

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Essay: Democratic System in England
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