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Weissman. (1999). Depressed adolescents grown up. JAMA , 281, 1701-13.

It is important to know whether major depression in adolescents affects their life later on in adulthood or not. This study was aimed to find an answer to this question. It is a prospective, case control study which was conducted on 73 patients with major depression during adolescence and 37 controls with no history of any psychiatric illness. The time period of follow up varied from 10-15 years.

The main outcome measures considered in this study were suicide rate, substance abuse, functioning and disability, presence of other psychiatric illnesses and treatment effectiveness. It was found that suicide rates in depressed individuals were significantly higher compared to controls. It was also found that depressed adolescents had a higher risk of developing depression in adulthood but there was no significant risk associated with other mental illnesses. Depression in adolescence also led to social and functional impairment in adulthood. Thus, depression in adolescence has an impact in adulthood as well so it is important to diagnose and treat adolescent depression in order to improve their functioning and quality of life in adulthood.

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Essay: Depressed adolescents grown up
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