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Brenda. (2001). Depression and Cardiac Mortality. Arch Gen Psychiatry , 58, 221-227.

This study aimed to study the effects of depression on cardiac events and mortality associated with it. This prospective study was conducted on 2847 participants and the total duration of follow up was four years. The diagnosis of major and minor depression was made using DSM III criteria and Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale respectively and the effects of these two were analyzed in patients with (450 participants) and without (2397 participants) cardiac disease after adjusting for all the other confounding factors.

The results of this study showed that the relative risk of cardiac mortality was higher in depressed individuals as compared to non depressed individuals. The results further showed that the relative risk increased as the severity of depression increased, i.e. relative risk was much higher in participants with major depression as compared to minor depression. It was also seen that not only patients with cardiac disease are at a higher risk but depression increases the mortality risk even in healthy individuals. This is a very strong and helpful study as it clearly identifies an association between depression and cardiac mortality.

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Essay: Depression and Cardiac Mortality
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