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The organization has utilized team building as an important concept as theory suggests that teams are extremely important but since it’s a flat organization the organization has not implemented delegation as theory suggests is essential for the motivation of employees. The adviser team does feel the crunch but the hourly employees have the liberty to bring changes in their team or collaborate to bring changes in all teams. This means delegation at the third level is good since employees are motivated and productivity proves the fact. But the adviser team does not have the authority along with their responsibility which shows a lack of much needed delegation at the second layer of the factory.

As far as team building at GE is concerned they have used theory to certain extent since the organization has implemented this concept in a new way but on the basis of the basic steps to successful team building and also that job rotation has always proved to be successful in organizations since it helps employees learn, employees get involved in the organization and are motivated to work better. The teams at GE have followed the 7 basic steps of team building since the company planned the implementation of the new system. The advisers suggested this plan which was considered and the hourly employees were informed before hand about the change in the system plus the change and the implementation was monitored through meetings in which one salaried adviser was always present to answer the questions of each hourly worker. The change was planned and the employees were informed thus implementation was effective.

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Essay: Difference between theory and practice
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