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India is yet to overcome a number of diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, HIV AIDS andIndiais one of the four countries in the world along withPakistan,AfghanistanandNigeriawhere polio has still not been completely eradicated. A World Health Report of 1999, showed that almost 300 million cases of malaria were diagnosed every year. 1 million cases resulted in death. The National Malaria Program was launched during 1953 in Inida. 75 million cases of malaria were reported out of which 800,000 resulted in death. The Malaria control program was redesigned and DDT was used to control malaria inIndia. Although the figure went down in 1965 but in 2001, 2.01 million cases of malaria were reported  (Economic Survey, 2002-3). Now Malaria is even more common especially in the poor and densely populated areas like Uttar Pradesh,Bengaletc (Sharma, 2003, pp 513-515).

            Malaria can be improved via the improvement of primary health care system in India. InIndiaa man has invented a device that attracts and kills mosquitos and through a proper system people can be made aware of it and arrangements to have it made available to all should be the primary goal. The device costs around 20 euros but requires no maintenance costs after that. This device attracts certain variety of mosquitos whereas, the inventor is working on a device that will attract all types of mosquitos. The device runs on solar power which makes it economical and an effective remedy to reduce the prospect of malaria in India. (Euro news, 2010).

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Essay: Disease in India -Malaria
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