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Depression is important to recognize and treat as it can have drastic effects on an individual’s life. Depressed people cannot concentrate on their work and this reduces their productive potential and can lead to loss of work and job. These individuals also avoid social contact and gatherings. Thus, they have fewer friends and contacts that can help and provide support when required. They can also end up in a fight with their family members and spouse. This affects their family life and children and also poses problems for them in their social life. Depressed individuals have decreased capability of dealing with stressful situations. Therefore, in order to cope up with their situation they can commit suicide.

Various studies have highlighted all these findings. Weissman found that children who are depressed face problems in their social life and difficulties in inter personal relationships throughout their lifetime (Weissman, 1999). Adolescent depression has different and most drastic effects on individuals. It is associated with higher suicidal rates and the prevalence of substance abuse is also higher in depressed adolescents (Birmaher, 1998).

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Essay: Drastic Effects of Depression
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