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The Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX) which was inaugurated in 2005 and the listings are mostly in dirham but they are also in US dollars. The working week at DIFX is Monday to Friday which is similar to other stock exchanges in the world. But theDubai stock exchange operates from Sunday to Thursday which is not in line with other stock exchanges around the world.

The level of interest in DIFX is not comparable to that in the UAE stock exchange but the DIFX is improving. During 2007 the Borse Dubai had announcements to make regarding the OMX which is a Scandinavian stock exchange and also the NASDAQ since the Borse Dubai had struck a successful deal with these two stock exchange markets. The Borse Dubai bought some of the OMX and swapped it for a stake in Nasdaq thus the DIFX was rebranded as the Nasdaq-DIFX and the market began to perform with immense efficiency (Share Wadi, 2009).

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Essay: Dubai International Financial Exchange
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