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Meyer. (2006). Elevated monoamine oxidase A levels in the brain: an explanation for the monoamine imbalance of major depression. Arch Gen Psychiatry , 63, 1209-16.

The monoamine theory was developed long ago to explain the etiology of depression but scarce evidence occurs regarding how the loss of monoamine occurs in human body of depressed individuals. The aim of this study was to find whether high levels of monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) are present in individuals with depression or not.

This study included 17 patients with major depression and 17 controls with no symptoms of depression. During the study, MAO-A density was found in different areas of brain including prefrontal cortex, cingulated cortex, hippocampus, basal ganglia, etc. It was found that MAO-A density was significantly higher in all the regions of the brain of depressed individuals. This clearly shows that MAO-A plays a major role in the loss of monoamine in depression. This study is very important in the understanding of etiology of depression as very few similar studies exist in literature which show how the loss of monoamine occurs in the brain.

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Essay: Elevated monoamine oxidase A levels in the brain
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