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OD interventions are powered by organizational effectiveness which has five elements that have to be present in order to create change. Employee empowerment is one of these elements and has been represented metaphorically by “metal” for the organization.

People need to be aligned with the organizational vision and mission, people need to be empowered to create a change since a change can occur only when people are willing to make the change possible and empowerment breeds innovators since people are free to think and experiment so they tend to come up with innovative ideas that help run the organization effectively and also bring about the desired change. The other elements are leadership denoted by “fire,” corporate culture denoted by “earth,” performance management denoted by “water,” and corporate capabilities denoted by “wood.” The world has changed and the new generation works better when empowered since the solution to problems lie with the people now (Kotelnikov, 2009).

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Essay: Employee Empowerment is a Common Cornerstone of OD
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