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The more the employees are empowered the better they work. Process intervention has steps; clarifying and summarizing which is to clear out any misunderstandings related to the change and empowered individuals will be more willing to listen and understand, synthesizing and generalizing which is to come to a common theme and empowered individuals will be more willing to combine their own ideas for better implementation, probing and questioning which is to ask questions for better clarification and empowered individuals will explain their ideas better than anyone else plus they will be motivated to do so,

Listening which is essential and empowered individuals will be satisfied with their work and will respect each other thus they will listen to each other, reflecting feelings which is to empathize and empowered individuals will be thinking in a way that they if they do not agree with some one then they will be empowered to point it out and that is good for the organization since all aspects of the situation will be considered for better implantation of the intervention, providing support, coaching and counseling will help individuals to accept the change and perform better up to the mark of the desired change,  modeling is when employees are empowered to play a role in the implementation of the intervention which will create the change effectively as they will be motivated, setting the agenda allows empowered individuals to point out issues if any for better communication that will facilitate the intervention, Feed back is to see what the relevant individuals have to say about the process intervention implemented and structural suggestions for better implementation. Thus, empowerment creates change through these steps of process intervention and this is required in this case of the Tech Division for better implementation of the proposed process intervention (Cummings & Worley, 2007).

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Essay: Empowering Employees
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