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Generally, most of the studies conducted to find an association between osteoporosis and alveolar height loss have found a positive relationship between the two. Elders found that BMD, age, duration of menopause and metacarpal cortical thickness (MCT), all had a positive association with alveolar bone loss (Wactawski-Wende 200). Studies have also shown that alveolar height loss is more significant in women as compared to men (Wactawski-Wende 200). Smoking has also been associated with alveolar bone loss. A study by Tezal is one of the very few well designed studies and controlled for all possible confounders. This study also found an association between alveolar height loss and femur BMD.

A 15 year prospective study was conducted on postmenopausal women and the study participants were assessed for the presence of periodontitis and osteoporosis at the start of the study and loss of alveolar bone loss after three years (Kaye 617). This study concluded that loss of alveolar bone height was three times higher in patients with osteoporosis. Thus, osteoporosis leads to tooth loss and affects tooth replacement as well.

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