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Longnecker (1985), has proposed establishment of priorities that direct ethical conduct of an organization. The main point that he stressed is management affects organizational ethical performances by establishing priorities that direct the ethical conduct of the organization. Management process and particularly the setting of organizational priorities are the key indicators to the attainment of ethical performances that the organization deems important. The management he maintains is often empowered to maintain: 1) the highest level of service possible 2) the highest guest satisfaction ratings 3) optimal degree of financial return on investment. The three elements are vital for any hospitality industry to survive.

In the last few sections we have reviewed largely the framework used by the hospitality industry to solve ethical dilemma. We realized that hospitality industry does not function like other sectors (manufacturing and other service industries). Therefore they cannot abide by a single rule of thumb laid down by an external entity guiding all its ethical precepts.  We also determined that the system by which hospitality industry resolves its ethical dilemmas are complex and are predominantly evolved from an internal work setting termed as “benevolence”. In conclusion by following its own individualized ethical framework the industry tries to maximize social responsibility and its organizational priorities. It cannot be left entirely to the government or the society to determine all its ethical facets. However we cannot completely exclude a society’s role or a community’s role in having a voice on how the hospitality industry is affecting its community. It should have the power to curb if the influence is negative and the government needs to ensure to give rights to the local people for discussion. However again I stress that this does not imply a vigorously active part on the government to have a say on all the ethical dilemmas of a hospitality’s industry.

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Essay: Ethical Dilemmas of the Hospitality Industry
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