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GE is an extremely flat structured organization since there are only three layers within this organization. The first layer is the factory manager, second layer includes 15 salaried advisors and the third layer includes 172 hourly workers. I am one of the salaried advisors. A small factory like this one has achieved greater productivity with good team work but delegation is lacking in the organization. Being an advisor I feel my advice goes to waste at times since the factory manager does what is ordered by the owner of the organization at times.

The organization is a flat structure due to which the final word lies with the factory manager or else the owner of the organization. This factory basically produces arresters, which are surge protectors that guard power stations and transmission lines against lightening strikes. The advisors have one team and they need to work together but every person gets an equal chance to speak at a time. The hourly workers on the advisor team’s suggestions have now been distributed in teams. These teams are basically perpetual learning teams that have been formed according to the need and requirements of the factory work. Each hourly worker is on a team consisting of about 10 employees and each team “owns” a part of the entire process for example assembly, shipping or receiving. The members of each team work in different areas of the plant and they represent operations that provide input to or receive output from the part of the process owned by the team. Team members meet weekly to discuss issues and a salaried adviser attends the meeting as a resource person, answering the team member’s questions (Jacob, 1992).

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Essay: GE Factory at Puerto Rico
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