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Organizations have had to shift from traditional styles of work and remote workers have gained popularity since as a long term implication in order to attract or retain Gen Y employees a work life balance with remote work jobs is preferred. Gen Y employees have to be motivated in a different manner especially when it comes to work life balance issues and adapting to these changes will have long term effects on the organization.

Gen Y workers prefer volunteer work as a motivator since its valued and also community work so organizations must focus on corporate social responsibility which will have long term implications on the overall environment of the country. A major long term implication of understanding Gen Y workers and giving them what they want because they will be the bosses of tomorrow and then things will work their way so now is the time to grow and change in order to adapt and attract Gen Y workers since they can implement these changes even better. This is a major issue because in no time Gen Y will be ruling the market and those organizations who work to adapt to the changes from now on will be blue chip organizations when the time arrives.

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Essay: Gen Y Employees
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