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Sullivan. (2000). Genetic epidemiology of major depression: review and meta-analysis. Am J Psychiatry , 157, 1552-62.

This is a meta-analysis of different family studies, adoption studies and twin studies conducted so far. Five family studies and five twin studies met the inclusion criteria and were included in the analysis. The twin studies which were included showed that depression has genetic basis as higher risk of depression was found in monozygotic twins as compared to dizygotic twins.

Familial aggregation of the disease was also noted in the studies included. The role of environmental factors was also highlighted in a few studies. Thus, it was concluded that depression is a multifactorial disease and has both a genetic and environmental etiology. Therefore, it is important to understand the interplay between these two factors to have a better understanding of the disease and its causes. There were no differences found in the results of the studies conducted in different areas. Thus, these findings are reliable and applicable to all individuals.

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Essay: Genetic epidemiology of major depression
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