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Globalization and communication have three pillars namely- perception, cognition and understanding. The relationship between the two stands on these pillars for furthering the process of globalizing the world with regards to communication. Culture is the umbrella concept of globalization and communication since it’s through different cultures that integrate and communicate to globalize completely. Cultural forms, nodes and values develop differences in perception, cognition and understanding. An important aspect of globalization in communications in terms of culture is coca-colonaization and also Mcdonaldization which gave inherent rise to cola wars.

Pepsi and Coca Cola fought for their place in the market whereas consumer preferences continued to change eventually making the customer the king. Consumer preferences have changed with time and Pepsi has diversified itself to meet the consumer needs. When people wanted carbonated drinks Pepsi was providing Teem, Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi. But Coke launched Fanta, Sprite and low calorie cola Tab. The market changed from high calorie drinks to preferring low calorie and less sugary drinks so Coke came up with Diet Coke which was an instant hit and Pepsi came up with Diet Pepsi three years later. Then the consumers shifted from carbonated drinks since they were considered to be unhealthy and people preferred juices, teas, coffee and other beverages so Pepsi launched juices, teas in all forms and Coke did the same but Pepsi was comparatively successful in its strategy.

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Essay: Globalization and Communication
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