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Unemployment inUSAhas shown an upward trend recently and workers have to be really good to survive the competitive environment. Immigrants benefit at times since economies of some countries are really good but the strict policies of avoiding immigrants have caused problems. But globalization and its changing trends have overall benefited migrants. Thus, Globalization and its changing trends have affected the businesses and consumers negatively and positively both but the effects vary from countries across the world (Mattelart, 1998).


Gloabalization in communication has its parameters that have been discussed and these have brought about various changes in the world. Also that companies often plan to use such strategies to gain a competitive advantage over their various competitors since an edge over the others always helps them stand at the highest peak and successfully manage to balance and avoid falling disastrously. Often companies plan and forecast but the actual result is different from the forecasted one. Theories are often good to study and get a proper understanding of the situation but they do not necessarily fit in real life. Uncertainty is part of life and a proper analysis to take a decision is important for companies. Thus, globalization has its positives and also its negatives (Comor, 1994).

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Essay: Globalization and its Changing Trends
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