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The main idea of this article purports globalization as a phenomenon imposed by few in order to enforce on the rest, economic domination. However, like every phenomenon it has helped improve the general standard of living of many which has certainly come with strings attached to it. Globalization has been considered a machine of growth by some and some blame number human miseries on globalization instead.

The article considers the general progress globalization has brought with it which includes increased global output, GDP, per capita income, life expectancy rates, literacy rates etc. Globalization and its sought after benefits to the world economy had lifted the world from the prevailing poverty levels that created history. Human progress, technology and globalization form a virtuous cycle as a result. The article includes three benefits of globalization which include working less, producing more since it brought with it prosperity and the same commodity costs lesser in terms of hours worked by a worker in the twentieth century which is comparatively much better than during the nineteenth century. Second, a thriving middle class which is a component of economic, political and social stability that comes with globalization and this class promises increased national income, growth, better infrastructure, health facilities, less civil wars and more of democracy. Third, lesser inequality which is confirmed by the human development index which shows closing income inequality gaps between developed and developing countries. The impediments to continued progress or globalization are protectionism, armed conflicts, environmental stress and demographic imbalances which have further hampered the progress of globalization and its benefits. These are contents of globalization only since it has its pros and its cons. Globalization has its negativities like drug-trafficking, civil wars corruptions etc. But globalization is a necessary phenomenon for economic domination in the world (Marber).

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Essay: Globalization and Its Contents
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