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The world has seen various economic developments and the most affluent have been globalization, privatization and deregulation. Globalization has made economy and culture internalized with reducing costs of communication and travel (Marginson, 2000). Global competition has brought about technological changes with information sharing via the internet and the world is linked via networks with communication at its boom.

Globalization and communication have three pillars namely- perception, cognition and understanding. The relationship between the two stands on these pillars for furthering the process of globalizing the world with regards to communication. Culture is the umbrella concept of globalization and communication since it’s through different cultures that integrate and communicate to globalize completely. Cultural forms, nodes and values develop differences in perception, cognition and understanding. These changes have brought in considerable changes in culture all over the world but communication between the various cultures has a connecting wire between them. Media has played an essential role in terms of communication since now the world is a global marketplace with all basic channels on air in every part of the world (Mackay, 1999). Globalization has brought in lifestyle and cultural changes but such changes are common amongst different cultures. Globalization has led to changes in the world and with competition now is attached corporate social responsibility which is now being used as a rather more of a tactic to sell more rather than to benefit the consumers.

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Essay: Globalization, Privatization and Deregulation
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