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Infant and Child Mortality

Infant mortality has reduced with time but still the rate is high comparatively; 68 per 1000 live births. The infant mortality rates inIndiaare shown in Table 1 (See Appendix). Table 2 (See Appendix) shows that mortality rates vary fromurban to rural. Mortality rate is higher in the rural areas where tribal systems and caste differences are most dominant. The mortality rate is equally high for the backward classes so the situation is better in theurban areas.

The infant and child health depend on the household, the lifestyle, the income because the household does not have the monetary resources and are also not educated or aware enough to provide the child with nutrition and health care, the mortality rates will continue to rise. Awareness programs areessential to cut down the moratlity rates. Almost half of the children born inIndiaare underweight with 45.5% malnutritioned and 15.5% are extremely undernourished and usually die. Only 42% of the children receive vaccinations and 14% havenever received a vaccination and with such conditions in which the child or infant is extremely undernourished it becomes difficult for any hospital to save the child (Bhargava et al, 2001, pp 18-20).

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Essay: Health Issues in India
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