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Health spending during the mid 1990’s was 6% of the GDP which was one of the highest levels n any developing country whereas per capita expenditure was around Rs.320 per year and the major influx was from households. According to a World Bank report, the state government was spending 15.2%, the central government 5.2%, Municipal government plus foreign donors 1.3%, third party insurance and employers 3.3% and out of this 58.7% is allocated to PHC (Bajpai et al, 2000, pp 25-30).

Although health care facilities had been increased during 1950s and 1980s but on the other hand the population ofIndiahas increased tremendously. The number of licensed medical practitioners had decreased to one practitioner per 10,000individuals in 1980s and alarmingly by 1991 there were approximately 10 beds per 10,000individuals. During 1991, there were about 22,400 primary health care centres inIndia, 11,200 hospitals and 27,400 clinics. The major problems faced by primary health care centres is the over due importance given to clinical and curative problems which brings more focus on preventive work and the staff’s hesitation to work in rural areas, as a result (Bajpai et al, 2000, pp 25-30). The sudden surge of family planning programs to control the population by primary health care centres has instigated hostility by the public towards these centres which hasfurther had a negative effect on these centres.

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Essay: Health Spending of India
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