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Nurses should try to change their attitude when dealing with HIV patients as they are critically ill, in order to meet their spiritual needs. Nurses should have empathy for the patients. They should not feel uncomfortable and maintain a distance from patients. Instead, they should show empathy towards them and be aware of their concerns, fears and feelings. They should try to understand what the patients are going through and have a more caring and supportive attitude and try to avoid feelings of hopelessness and helplessness when dealing with such patients.

Nurses should also understand the cultural and religious differences which exist between different patients so they can understand them better. They should try to be there for the patients whenever they are needed so that patients feel importance and readily share their feelings with the nurses. If the nurses are unable to maintain such an attitude, the patients will never develop a sense of well being. Special courses for nurses should be developed to enhance their skills in spiritual assessment and meeting the spiritual needs of HIV patients. A special group of nurses can be dedicated to HIV patients only so that they get a good experience of dealing with these patients. Efforts should also be made to improve the communication skills of nurses so they can interact with the patients in a more effective and comfortable manner. Nurses should not force their own beliefs on patients. Instead, they should listen to the patients and share their feelings. Various studies and interventions should be introduced to assess the need and effectiveness of spiritual care.

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Essay: How Nurses Should Deal with HIV Patients
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