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The company has a unique model with retailing and distribution operations. The company also has the “Inchcape Fleet Solutions” that is theUK’s largest independent leasing company and it is managing a fleet in excess of 53000 cars (Inchcape plc, 2010).

The company’s vision is to be the most customer-centric automotive retailer group. According to them the cutting edge in the services industry is the quality of service provided to the customers. They believe that consistent provision of quality services increases loyal customers and also helps them achieve their financial and industrial targets. The company has 208 retail outlets and 85 distribution sites all around the world, each boasts of superiority and excellence in service (Wright, 2006).

The company’s strategy is simple and that is to focus on customer service and operational excellence to strengthen their business. They have four crucial elements to support their strategy. First are their people, since they believe that people and human resources are of prime importance to any businesses success. Second is performance management, since they have set the “best in class” gold standards to achieve excellence in performance. Third is their technology and service infrastructure, since they aim to improve the infrastructure to reduce cost and time in order to focus more on customer satisfaction. Lastly, is efficient allocation of capital in order to make good use of growth opportunities. Their strategic priorities are to strengthen their existing core business and expand in potential markets (Wright, 2006).

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Essay: Inchcape Fleet Solutions
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