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In this case there is not much of a difference between theory and practice but only to a certain extent. Job rotation has been a popular concept and the use of team building has been important for the success of organizations in most of the cases but this organization used these two concepts and used it in a new way.

The company came up with a new type of perceptual learning teams where the employees in teams got to learn more and were awarded to learn and get involved in the organizational work. Performance and skills were rewarded rather than seniority and the entire organization benefited since employees learned more and grew personally and their performance helped the organization to grow further. This system was based on the regular theory that suggests the implementation and benefits of concepts like job rotation, team building and delegation. Delegation as theory suggests results in a win-win situation when implemented appropriately just like in this case. Every person is different and when certain tasks can be done better by another person then it is important to delegate like in this case the manager gave the hourly employees the authority to bring about changes in their teams and they could also collaborate to bring changes overall in the teams. When certain tasks help employees grow personally then its important to let them do it since when employees feel the company is concerned about their personal growth as well then they are highly motivated to work since they feel involved and also important for the organization just like in this case. Certain jobs need time to be delegated but certain do not so when jobs are easier to be delegated like in this case then delegation must come into action.

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Essay: Job Rotation
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