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The barriers faced by an Intrapreneur are basically the main challenges to tackle in order to achieve success, some of the major road blockers are:

  • Self barrier and unwillingness to reach out beyond one’s own organization core activities and procedures.
  • Incapability of significant results decreases their chances of future financial support from their company.
  • Lack of enthusiasm to connect in persistent networking endangers their efforts.
  • Rewards and profit sharing policies of the organization also play the role of motivator.

Examples of Intrapreneurship

Founders of Adobe, Charles Geschke and John Warnock, are the classical example of Intrapreneurship. Formally, they worked in Xerox and were discouraged as their novel products concepts were not encouraged by the top management. In early 1980’s they left Xerox, in order to start adobe, as their own venture, now possessed annual revenue of more than $3 billion (Lisa &  Schwartz 1991)

In contrast to Xerox, 3M workers normally use significant portion of working time on the tasks they like for products advancement. The primary achievement of the undergone tasks, 3M not only approve them, but also finance them for further progress and value addition. For instance, “Genesis Grant” is 3M’s intrapreneurial plan which ensures investments tasks that might arrange capital through unusual channels.

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Essay: Key Challenges to Intrapreneurship
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