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A multi-dimensional approach should be used to lose and maintain weight. This approach includes combination of increased physical activity and exercise, healthy diet and behavioral modifications. There is strong evidence in literature in support of this recommendation that combination of a number of factors has better results than a single therapeutic measure. This recommendation also falls into NHLBI evidence category A ((ADA), May 2006).

The evidence also strongly supports that the treatment with medical nutrition to lose weight should at least be continued for 6 months or till the goal is achieved. A more frequent interaction and visits to the doctor help to achieve better results ((ADA), May 2006).

It is also imperative that the goal of weight loss should be to lose 1-2 lbs per week for the whole therapy of six months. A person should be able to lose 10% weight initially. This recommendation also falls into evidence category A and B ((ADA), May 2006).

The resting metabolic rate for all overweight and obese individuals should be determined via indirect calorimetry. This is used to calculate the energy requirements for all individuals during and after therapy. This is a conditional requirement and is not imperative for all individuals ((ADA), May 2006).

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Essay: Loosing and Maintaining Weight
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