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An individual’s daily routine, normally doesn’t impact his perspective of life but if one tries to look deep in activities and utilize them for their personal growth then even the little things could make a lot of sense. The turning point of my vision was a small daily life activity. Beginning from my high school days I started to read a lot, my reading habits ranged from novels to magazines to newspapers and so on to international economic reports. To my surprise I found it extremely interesting to read about international relations and reports. I discovered the life style and conditions of people living in third world countries.

As my interest increased every day I came to realize the fact that a lot of the poor conditions were not the result of people being lazy, irresponsible or extremists, rather they were unaware, not educated, not guided and ruled by selfish, cunning and deceiving governments. Their welfare is the least concern for the authorities. I feel so bad when I see those innocent faces devoid of their right of education and entertainment. I after realizing the gravity of situation, by understanding the fact that this world cant be peaceful, secure and happy without everyone from every nation being given their due rights and respect conclude that from my side its my responsibility to play my part. It’s my time to give my contribution. I am educating myself so that the light this knowledge will lit in my life will give brightness to those that have no access to it. I have planned to join academia or United Nation programs that will help me achieve my goals. This perspective has altered my lifestyle and had great impact on my expenditure pattern. I spend a lot on buying informative stuff including periodicals and magazines, products that help social cause through charity and appreciate cottage industry and third world sellers. I identify my self not as a social worker or philanthropist but as an individual having responsibility to make this world a better place through my contribution.

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Essay: Making this World a better place through Contribution
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