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            The following write-up is a critical analysis of the services provided at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand. This case portrays the influence of a service encounter for a frequent native traveler. She has gone through a number of incidents with both positive and negative results. As a marketing manager for Auckland International Airport, I was assigned to critically evaluate what aspects of the experience might need modification as a result of the customer’s story in the given case.  Following marketing plan is based on extended marketing mix for services with my recommendations and comments.

Critical Analysis of case study

A critical incident is a significant contribution, result in positive or negative outcome, to an action or experience (Bitner, Booms, and Tetreault 1990: 321). Critical incidents can be collected in different ways in context of service encounters, in an interview format, in which the interviewer normally inquires consumer to narrate an incident during the encounter (Flanagan 1954: 453). Content analysis of the collected critical incidents is conducted by keeping in view of the two tasks i.e. the decision about an incidents’ general frame of reference and the inductive progress of major sub related events (Neuhaus 1996: 287).

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Essay: Marketing Plan of Auckland International Airport
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