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What the Companies are experience good/bad of this phenomenon?

Brett et al. (2006) in their research paper published in Harvard Business review state that multicultural teams need to be managed effectively in order to make sure they work and due to this companies have had good and bad experience with multicultural teams. Multicultural teams backed by an environment that encourages workforce diversity and values it can prove to be very effective and successful.

One such example is McDonald’s fast food chain where diversity is a way of life for the organization. Mcdonald’s realized the importance of these teams and the ever changing consumer base and today Mcdonalds is an example for organizations to follow. Fortune Magazine ranked Mcdonalds as the top company for minorities to work and as a result the restaurant has lower absenteeism, lower attrition rates, lesser turnover and a highly motivated workforce. A survey included 141US corporations in terms of diversity and Mcdonalds ranked first. Mcdonalds is the most apt example of successfully integrated and effective multicultural teams. But organizations have had bad experiences as well with multicultural teams and the reasons can be many but mainly it’s the management of these teams that is important (Diversity at Mcdonald’s, 2005).

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Essay: McDonalds as an Example of Multicultural Team
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