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India will need a good amount of investment to come upto the world standards, around $20 billion for the next five years. Around 40% of the primary health centres lack staff and according to the WHO statistics,Indiahas 250 medical colleges and these produce 250,000 doctors per anum. ButIndianeeds a better Health Policy that aims to create partnerships between public and private institutions and also overcome the problem of labor shortages.

India faces a gap in terms of the hospital beds as per the population and although the world average is 3.96 beds per 1000 population whereas,India has 0.7 beds per 1000 population. There is a labor shortage that includes less doctors, less nurses and practitioners (Banerjee et al, 2003, pp 45-50).

Incomes have risen and so has the standard of living, lifestyle has changed so for health care to improve some health insurance policies areessential but they need to be affordable. The government needs to create awareness amongst the public regarding health issues. There are about 600,000 allopathic doctors inIndiabut the number of these practicing medicine is very less.Indiagives 18,000 licenses to new doctors every year (Patel et al, 2004, pp 820-23).

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Essay: Medical Colleges in India
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